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Bound by Lust
Romantic Stories of Submission and Sensuality

Captured by Your Own Desire Only the truest romantics are willing to explore their deepest desires. Imagine ... [more]

Carrie's Story, 2nd Edition
An Erotic S/M Novel

"Before there was Anastasia, there was Carrie. A rip-roaring ride through the world of dominance and submission." ... [more]

Cowboy Lust
Erotic Romance for Women

Ride a Cowboy "Once you've had a cowboy's boots under your bed and a big, strong body keeping you hot every ... [more]

Duty and Desire
Military Erotic Romance

Epic Stories of Love and War The only thing stronger than the call of duty is the call of desire. Duty and Desire ... [more]

Fairy Tale Sex
Out of This World Erotic Romance

Flesh or fantasy? In Fairy Tale Sex, you can have BOTH! A baker wonders whether an intriguing sweet-toothed ... [more]
Ebook Exclusive

Erotic Romance for Couples

Red Hot Monogamy Irresistible features loving couples who turn their deepest fantasies into reality—resulting ... [more]

Lustfully Ever After
Fairy Tale Erotic Romance

Live Out Your Ultimate Romantic Fantasy! Even grown-ups need bedtime stories, and this delightful collection ... [more]

Erotic Romance for Women

Experience the Heights of Passion and the Depths of Desire We've all been there—so taken by a lover that ... [more]

Only You
Erotic Romance for Women

The Love We Make Only You is full of tenderness, raw passion, love, longing, and the many emotions that kindle ... [more]

Red Velvet and Absinthe
Paranormal Erotic Romance

Explore Your Dark Desires The supernatural: Think vampires, werewolves, ghosts...eerie sounds in the night, ... [more]

Safe Word, 2nd Edition
An Erotic S/M Novel

One Word Can Open the Door to a World of Sexual Pleasure In this stunning sequel to Carrie's Story, the action ... [more]

Smokin' Hot Firemen
Erotic Romance Stories for Women

Five-Alarm Romance Stories About Hunks Who Can Handle the Heat! Rugged firefighters are the number one romantic ... [more]

Total Flirt
Tips, Tricks, & Techniques Every Girl Needs to Get the Guy

The Insider's Guide to Being a Total Flirt Did you know there are two types of flirting? Have you ever wished ... [more]

Bedded Bliss
A Couple's Guide to Lust Ever After

A Guide to Red Hot Monogamy Award-winning erotica writer and editor Kristina Wright is a cheerleader for a lifetime ... [more]

Best Gay Erotica of the Year, Volume 1

You wanted the best, you got the best! Best Gay Erotica of the Year, that is. Hotter than ever and ... [more]

Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year 20th Anniversary Edition

Cleis Press's most lauded editor, Sacchi Green assumes the helm of one the most heralded and best-selling series, Best ... [more]

Best Lesbian Romance of the Year, Volume 1

The swooning sensation of a new crush, the thrilling feel of a first caress and the raw, electric elation of ... [more]

Big Book of Kink
Sexy Stories

Get ready to go deep with these delightful and delicious short shorts from top BDSM eroticist Alison Tyler. Every ... [more]

Bondage Bites
69 Super-Short Stories of Love, Lust and BDSM

Get ready to rock with these delightful and delicious short shorts from top BDSM eroticist Alison Tyler. Every ... [more]

Cowboy Heat
Western Romance for Women

Broad Shoulders, Well-Worn Jeans and a Lean-Hipped Swagger He may ride off into the sunset, but the cowboy in ... [more]

Darker Edge of Desire
Gothic Tales of Romance

If the Candle Goes Out... Surrender to the Dark  Gothic literature has always possessed a dark attraction ... [more]

Dirty Dates
Erotic Fantasies for Couples

What happens when date night involves a blindfold, a corset, handcuffs or a spanking? The couples in Dirty ... [more]

Foolish Hearts
New Gay Fiction

The Exhilaration of Love As gay marriage bells are finally ringing out around the world, bestselling editors ... [more]

Gym Boys
Gay Erotic Stories

Gym Boys examines what takes place behind the closed doors of the locker room. This tribute to the body ... [more]

High-Octane Heroes
Erotic Romance for Women

Men In—and Out—of Uniform One glance and your heart will melt—these chiseled, brave men will ... [more]

Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors
Erotic Romance for Women

Rugged Men in Long-Ago Times and Faraway Places  Imagine a time when survival required physical strength ... [more]

Hungry for More
Romantic Fantasies for Women

Savor Your Desire What do you crave? The best erotic romance is all about fantasies of love that whet your sensual ... [more]

I Want You Bad
Obsessed Erotic Romance for Women

We've all been there: so taken by a lover that you just can't stop thinking about him. Your imagination runs ... [more]

Love Between Men
Seductive Stories of Afternoon Pleasures

Sexy Short Stories that are Long on Romance Filled with romance, passion and lust, Love Between Men offers irresistible ... [more]

Love Burns Bright
A Lifetime of Lesbian Romance

Lesbian Love and Desire “Kissing Kathy is like kissing her for the first time and the millionth time, ... [more]

Penthouse Variations on Kink

Penthouse Variations on Kink delves deep into the decadent desires of bondage lovers. This collection of ... [more]

A Princess Bound
Naughty Fairy Tales for Women

Once Upon a Bedtime Why is it that Goldilocks climbed into so many beds? Face it, fairy tales have always been ... [more]

Take This Man
Gay Romance Stories

Hot Honeymoons and Wild Wedding Nights Inspired by the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that struck down the restrictive ... [more]

Three of Hearts
Erotic Romance for Women

What the Heart Wants  Three’s company? No, three’s a charm! Three of Hearts features sexy trios ... [more]

Sweet and Sexy Romance

The Ultimate Romance Reader Sensual, sweet and a little bit spicy, this collection of amorous stories is a romance ... [more]

A Story of Submission Series

Keep Your Safe Word Handy Dark Secret Love is a modern-day Story of O, a 9 1/2 Weeks-style journey fueled by ... [more]

Best Erotic Romance Series

The Heat and the Sweet  Desire, love and realism are the heartbeat of Kristina Wright’s Best Erotic ... [more]

Best Gay Romance Series

Reader, I Married Him Gay romance is coming into full bloom in the wake of DOMA’s fall and the spread ... [more]

Best Lesbian Romance Series

Possiblity, Passion and Promise Falling in love opens us up to possibilities we never imagined, leaving us with ... [more]

The Book of the Watchers Series

If You Loved an Angel... How Far Would You Fall with Him?  What happens when the daughter of the village ... [more]

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