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50 Shades of Kink
An Introduction to BDSM

"Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Kink On."—Rachel Krame Bussel, editor of The Big Book of Orgasms Let’s ... [more]

The Adventurous Couple's Collection

Save 20%! Ready to try something new? Violet Blue has just the idea for couples who want to keep the heat year ... [more]
Out of Stock

The Adventurous Couple's Guide to Sex Toys

Feeling adventurous? In this witty and well-informed consumer guide, best-selling author and sex educator Violet ... [more]

The Adventurous Couple's Guide to Sex Toys, 2nd Edition

The Joy of Sex Toys Violet Blue is one of the top sex educators in the world and whether she is schooling Oprah ... [more]

The Adventurous Couple's Guide to Strap-On Sex

Feeling adventurous? Sex educator and best-selling writer Violet Blue guides readers through the pleasure playground ... [more]

Annie Sprinkle: Post-Porn Modernist
My Twenty-Five Years as a Multimedia Whore

Part autobiography, part cultural history, part sex manual, Annie Sprinkle's Post-Porn Modernist is an illustrated ... [more]
Out of Stock

As Kinky As You Wanna Be
Your Guide to Safe, Sane and Smart BDSM

A Whip-Smart Invitation to the Best Sex of Your Life Like a travel guide to the wonderful world of BDSM, As ... [more]

Bedded Bliss
A Couple's Guide to Lust Ever After

A Guide to Red Hot Monogamy Award-winning erotica writer and editor Kristina Wright is a cheerleader for a lifetime ... [more]

Better Sex in No Time
An Illustrated Guide for Busy Couples

A Fun and Sexy Guide for Long-Term Couples Packed with Tips, Tricks and Inspired Ideas  How can every time ... [more]

Designer Relationships
A Guide to Happy Monogamy, Positive Polyamory, and Optimistic Open Relationships

Contemporary relationships are in a state of rapid evolution. These changes can and should be empowering. They ... [more]

The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex
The Most Complete Sex Manual Ever Written, Third Edition

"Useful for absolutely everyone. Old, young, fit, disabled, gay, straight or working out the details, this book ... [more]

Healing Sex
A Mind-Body Approach to Healing Sexual Trauma

Healing Sex is the encouraging, sex-positive guide for all women survivors of sexual assault— heterosexual, ... [more]

A Field Guide

The Kissing Bible  Kissing is an art form and Violet Blue shows you every trick for the ultimate lip lock ... [more]

Never Have the Same Sex Twice

"I crave the security of being with one partner—the assuredness that he will always be there for me. And ... [more]

Never Say Never
Tips, Tricks and Erotic Inspiration for Lovers

Inspiration for Lovers Monogamy does not have to equal monotony! Bestselling author Alison Tyler has made it ... [more]

O Wow
Discovering Your Ultimate Orgasm

What is an ultimate orgasm?   An ultimate orgasm is your personal best orgasm. It doesn’t leave ... [more]
July 15, 2015

Opening Up
A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships

Relationship expert and bestselling author Tristan Taormino offers a bold new strategy for creating loving, ... [more]

Partners in Passion
A Guide to Great Sex, Emotional Intimacy and Long-Term Love

The Definitive Guide to Building Sexual Heat and Deep Emotional Intimacy for a Lifetime  Happily married ... [more]

Sensuous Magic
A Guide for Adventurous Couples, Second Edition

Mixing erotic vignettes with practical how-to suggestions and personal insight, Sensuous Magic is Califia's much-loved ... [more]

The Sex Genius Collection

Save 20%! Make the grade with your partner using this quartet of sex technique books. With The Ultimate Guide ... [more]

The Smart Girl's Guide to Porn

As seen on the Oprah Winfrey show The secret is out: Women watch porn. A recent study by Glamour magazine found ... [more]

The Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot

It's not a myth, it's a miracle, the G-spot, that powerhouse of female orgasm. With wit and panache, sex educator ... [more]
Out of Stock

The Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot, 2nd Edition

Discover the Powerhouse of Female Orgasm The G-spot: every woman has one. Knowing more about your pleasure center ... [more]

The Ultimate Guide to Adult Videos
How to Watch Adult Videos and Make Your Sex Life Sizzle

Join the increasing number of women, men, and couples who enjoy adult videos. Whether you're newly curious about ... [more]
Out of Stock

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men

From the publishers of the best-selling The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women comes a companion book specifically ... [more]

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women
Second Edition

The best-selling self-help book on anal sex for women now completely updated and expanded! The Ultimate Guide ... [more]

The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus, 2nd Edition
How to Go Down on a Women and Give Her Exquisite Pleasure

The Essential Guide to Going Down on a Woman Truly the bible of oral sex for today, The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus ... [more]

The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio, 2nd Edition
How to Go Down on a Man and Give Him Mind-Blowing Pleasure

What distinguishes a great blowjob? With wit, expertise, and an enthusiastic approach, Violet Blue dispels myths ... [more]

The Ultimate Guide to Kink
BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic Edge

Expand Your Erotic Horizons Beyond the Ordinary "This is more than just a guide to kink, it's more than a sex ... [more]

The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women
How to Become Orgasmic for a Lifetime

The Essential Guide to Pleasure for All Women Everything you need to understand women's orgasms—what works, ... [more]

The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure
Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners

Discover the Power and Pleasure of the P-Spot The P-spot is today's hottest topic in male sexuality. Just as ... [more]

The Ultimate Guide to Sex after Fifty
How to Maintainor Regaina Spicy, Satisfying Sex Life

Sex Information Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You In this definitive guide to great senior sex, Joan Price will help ... [more]

The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability Reissue
For All of Us Who Live with Disabilities, Chronic Pain and Illness

The only complete, all-inclusive sex guide for everyone living with a disability- now with an updated resource ... [more]

Ultimate guide to sex through pregnancy
Passionate Practical Advice for Moms

In this guide, sex educator and filmmaker Madison Young satisfies the curiosity of any woman who has ever wanted ... [more]

The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy, 2nd Edition
How to Have Incredible Sex with Role Play, Sex Games, Erotic Massage, BDSM Play and Much, Much More

Create the Sex Life of Your Dreams We all have them: fantasy scenarios and big turn-ons that come from our deepest ... [more]

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex

Masturbation is a many-splendored thing but even here, all of us can get into a comfortable rut. Take what can ... [more]

The Ultimate Guide to Strap-On Sex
A Complete Resource for Women and Men

The first complete guide to dildos and harnesses! For everyone interested in strap-on play—women and men ... [more]

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book
A Passionate Guide For All of Us

"Infectious and empowering and extremely well researched. I highly recommend this book to every woman: bi, lesbian, ... [more]

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