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We (heart) FetLife: BDSM & Fetish Community for Kinksters, by kinksters

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A Is for Amour

A is for Amour begins the Alphabet erotica series with arousing tales of desire from writers such as Saskia ... [more]

Alphabet Erotica

26 full-color ... [more]

B Is for Bondage

A simple leather strap, a shiny pair of handcuffs, a delicate silk scarf, a lover who takes charge. Here Alison ... [more]
Out of Stock

C Is for Coeds

Campus cuties suddenly away from home explore new sexual delights in this charming collection. With stories like ... [more]
Out of Stock

D Is for Dress-Up

The couples in these stories love to put on a costume and try out a new persona for some playful, amorous fun. Rachel ... [more]
Out of Stock

E Is for Exotic

Exotic locations lend themselves to sexual exploration. Travelers are free from the mundane details of ordinary ... [more]
Out of Stock

F Is for Fetish

The feeling of being zipped up tight in a leather jacket, the flood of desire unleashed by the glimpse of perfectly ... [more]
Out of Stock

G Is for Games

Feeling lucky? Games of skill and games of chance are rife with sexual possibilities. The back-and-forth pull of ... [more]
Out of Stock

H Is for Hardcore

“I don’t want nice and clean,” Alison Tyler writes, “I want hot and fast. Dark and dirty. ... [more]

I is for Indecent

Are you indecent? If you are (or wish you were), these 15 stories are designed especially for you. Experience a ... [more]
Out of Stock

J is for Jealousy

Afraid of being jealous? Revel in the joys of the green-eyed monster with these 14 stories that squeeze pleasure ... [more]

K is for Kinky

Want to get kinky? Bizarre, perverse and just plain hot, these 15 stories redefine kink. Dominants and submissives ... [more]
Out of Stock

L is for Leather

Is it better in leather? Leather chaps, combat boots, black leather gloves, stilettos, belts and hoods all give ... [more]
Out of Stock

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